Local Service Providers and Therapy Directory

The following list contains contact details for local service providers who other Clubhouse families have used and found supportive and helpful. Please use this as a reference guide to help you access local supports and service providers. Each child and family will have different needs and we hope the list is helpful in helping you find the right service and therapist for your needs. The Clubhouse does not provide this list for any other purpose than for your reference and we suggest you contact the therapist or service directly to ensure they can meet your individual needs.


Dr Emma Little - Montmorency
PH: 0400 570 865
email: dremma@bigpond.com

Annette Mutimer
Monty Kids Clinic - Montmorency
PH: 94326826
Email: annette.mutimer@bigpond.com

Tara Watson - Lower Plenty
PH: 0477 031 633

Chris McPharlane
Time to Shine _ Mernda
PH: 9717 8194
Email: timetoshine@outlook.com.au

Occupational Therapists

Jenny Connor
Pathways Children's Therapy Services - Diamond Creek
PH:0432 788 841
Email: jenny@pathwaystherapy.com.au

Tina Bruce
Busy Bodies OT - Montmorency
PH: 0431 273 352
Email: tina@busybodiesot.com.au

Cara Sheekey
Kids Rise - Northcote
PH:0414 322 568
Email: cara@kidsrise.com.au

Lize Roos
Building Blocks Therapy - Mernda
PH: 0400 514 424
Email: lize@buildingblockstherapy.com.au

Georgie Cromwell
Chatterbox - Bundoora
PH:9467 2642
Email: info@chatterboxats.com

Speech Pathologists

Trudy DeSilva
DeSilva Kids Clinic
PH: 8418 8544
Email: trudy@desilvakc.com

Patricia Mizzi
Sounds Right Speech Pathology
PH: 9468 5409
Email: info@soundsright.com.au

Miranda Van Sty
Kids Rise - Northcote
PH: 0419 133 895
Email: miranda@kidsrise.com.au


Dr Ian Rawlinson
Northpark Private Hospital - Bundoora
PH: 9467 1222

Dr David Tran
Northpark Private Hospital - Bundoora
PH: 9467 1222

Dr Brendan Chan
Epworth Hospital
PH: 9417 4639

Dr Sian Hughes
Primary Practice - Coolaroo
PH: 9309 7011

Early Intervention Services

Central Intake northern region PH: 8393 4512

Norparrin PH: 9404 2767

Noah’s Ark PH:9466 9022

Kalparrin PH: 9435 8311

Carers PH:13 27 17
Family Payments PH:13 61 50

Aussie Home Loans
Sharon Swan
PH: 0432 450 807
Email: Sharon.Swan@aussie.com.au
providing an autism friendly home loan service

Other Contact Useful Contact Information & Research Clinics

Early Diagnositics and Autism specific childcare
Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre @ Latrobe Uni
PH: 9479 2497
Email: otarc@latrobe.edu.au

Department of Health Sciences (Psychology)
Australian Catholic University
New Autism Clinic and General Psychology
PH: 9953 3006
Email: melbournepsychologyclinic@acu.edu.au

Local Support Groups

Plenty Valley Clubhouse
PH: 0438 500 068
Email: info@plentyvalleyclubhouse.com

Alphington Community Centre
PH: 9499 7227
Email: projects@alphingtoncommunitycentre.org.au

P.O.K.I.T.S - Craigieburn
PH: 0402 245 086
Email: POKITS@cheerful.com.au

Online Support Groups

Plenty Valley Clubhouse
PVCH - Victoria Australia Autism and ADHD Support
PVCH - Melbourne Group
PVCH - Raising Teens
Craigieburn Autism Support
P.O.K.I.T.S Parents of kids in the spectrum

Should you notice any typos or incorrect contact details or know of a fantastic service that we should add please email us at natasha@plentyvalleyclubhouse.com