Meet Lauren - Faces of Neurodiversity April 04, 2017 00:00

Meet Lauren - Aged 21 (ASD, Intellectual Disability, Prosopagnosia (face blindness, Generalised Anxiety Disorder)
Lauren has made a habit of proving a good many people wrong!
Lauren was told she would fail Grade Prep only to successfully complete VCE (unscored) in 2016.
Regarding the idea that Lauren learn piano, the professionals did not even try to disguise their laughter. But Lauren has had the last laugh as she has gone on to complete AMEB Classical Piano exams (Preliminary, Grade 1, 2, 3 and 4). She will sit her Grade 5 AMEB Piano exam later this year.
With such wonderful progress in Piano it made sense to study Music Theory. Yet again the voices of the doubters were loud....."Why would you do this to Lauren?....she will only fail the exam". These voices were silenced when Lauren scored 96% for Grade 1 Theory and 93% for Grade 2 Theory! In anyone's books that is not even close to failing!!!!
Then there was the "telling off" we got by a well meaning horse riding coach who said Lauren just didn't have the ability to compete in dressage. Lauren is proud to report that she did not listen and instead has gone on to compete in RDA State and National Dressage Championships. (see photo)
But the highlight of all Lauren's successes comes in the form of plastic bricks.....her beloved LEGO. To say Lauren is obsessed with LEGO is a bit of an understatement. Rather than try to curb the obsession, it has been used as a vehicle to develop Lauren's skills and competencies in more ways than can possibly be explained. Lauren has been attending Brick Club for about 7 years and her building skills have developed so much that she is now a regular exhibitor at Inside the Brick Expos, Brickvention and at interstate expos! (see photo of Lauren with her build The Louve....lit up in blue for Autism).
But the most awesome thing of all is that Lauren works one day a week under the supported wage scheme sorting LEGO at Inside the Brick. It is the dream job for LEGO obsessed Lauren! As you will see in the photo, her smile on the job says it all! Her boss Rob says she is the best worker ever. She is 100% accurate, she doesn't stop to talk or check her facebook page, she never takes a day off work (because she loves it so much), she is 100% reliable and so much more!
Lauren's LEGO building skills have improved so much that (together with her mother Dianne) have recently even put one of their collaborative builds on LEGO Ideas. The build combines Lauren's love of LEGO with her piano skills. Check it out at